Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today, PR is about a mass communication network

SWETA BHAT, FILMNIRVANA.COM, MUMBAI: Could you comment on the developments in PR over recent years? In your opinion, what are the changes that still need to take place?
DALE: Technology, gadgetry and internet have taken the PR world by storm. Gone are the days when a publicist could make friends with a couple of journalists from select publications and channels and run his office. Today, PR is about a mass communication network. For a PR specialist, networking is a daily commitment, not a monthly ritual. There is a whole new world with loads of newspapers, channels, websites and radio stations to cater to. I have a mailing list of 2,500 journalists across India and abroad, and though it’s probably the largest mailing list amongst my fraternity, I still feel, I could double it soon.

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