Monday, March 2, 2009

Lagaan was more deserving than Slumdog

SHEELA NARAYANAN, SINGAPORE PRESS HOLDINGS, SINGAPORE: Do you think Slumdog Millionnaire deserved ‘so many’ Oscars? Even ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ was a fantastic film, but the Oscars seem to have ignored it.
DALE: I feel the Oscar awards are nothing but a solid marketing game, and by propelling Slumdog Millionaire to unassuming heights, they have proved this once again. Though it’s fantabulous to see A.R.Rahman on the international platform, I do feel that Slumdog has been an over-hyped movie. I do not have any problem with the way it portrays Mumbai though. The stark reality is very much a part of a certain section of society here. The poor do lead such a life in certain suburbs of Mumbai and that’s what the director has very ably portrayed. Must admit, the movie made me cringe and cry at times too. But then lots of movies have done that. That doesn’t make it a glowing proposition, worthy of so many Oscars. I feel, Lagaan was a much better choice for the Oscars.

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