Monday, March 9, 2009

Methods of promotion

RACHIT GUPTA, FILMFARE, MUMBAI: What avenues of promotions does a celebrity management company look at while promoting big stars?
DALE: Image-building, branding, hype, crisis management, makeovers are the new mantras for media positioning. There is a craving for attention embedded in our tiniest cells. And I have made my business to make the most of this primal urge. My media umbrella includes print, television, radio, internet media and mobile space. I do the same things all the Bollywood PRs do. Only that I do them a bit differently. That’s my USP. My PR agency offers packages for celebrity PR, film publicity, company promotions and product launches. The modes to get media mileage include, interviews, articles, features, live chats, syndications, write-ups, news and gossip snippets, lifestyle news leaks, media announcements, celebrity quotes and sound bytes, trade news flashes, trade media-buying, photo opportunities, putting up wallpapers and screensavers, internet marketing, mahurats, shooting coverage, audio reviews, press conferences, music launches, designing and packaging press kits and dockets, beta hand-outs for television media, event coverage follow-ups, organising press shows, premieres as well as post-release PR for films. If you notice carefully, the media is already almost all PR-driven. That’s one major reason why, compared to others, the PR industry is less affected during recession.

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