Thursday, March 5, 2009

PR is an intriguing mind game in a media minefield

SWETA BHAT, FILMNIRVANA.COM, MUMBAI: What is your definition of PR?
DALE: I think PR is all about influencing minds, forming perceptions, and defining the way people see things. With the kind of reach a good PR has, he or she can sway opinions in various directions. This is also why it becomes extremely important to keep PR ethics in mind while executing promotional strategies and branding brands. Otherwise, a PR can end up misleading society and causing havoc. PR is often mistaken for plain publicity. But publicity is just one part of PR activity. It is more to do with recognition and hype. A complete PR package is about changing the outlook of people to suit the client’s requirements. It’s about imaging, branding and executing makeovers. PR is an intriguing mind game in a media minefield.

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