Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PR is a very complicated and conniving world today!

INDRANI RAJKHOWA, TIMES LIFE, THE TIMES OF INDIA, NEW DELHI: How would you define contemporary Bollywood PR?

DALE: We are super schemers and master manipulators in the garb of publicists. We play mind-games with media, over story ideas, news and gossip pegs, in order to promote and image our clients in the way we want. We turn, twist, spin, plant and plug stories to suit our strategies and media plans for our clients. I’ve never revealed this before, so you might be surprised that today my job is equally about concealment of stories, protection and crisis management, than imaging and branding. There are times, when I am specifically hired to divert media attention from certain facets of an actor’s life, than to build images. I’m even working in secrecy, for this extremely famous actress, while no one, except my small staff and media reps, is aware of what I’m plugging where, and in what name. PR is a very complicated and conniving world today. And not many in the profession itself; have fully understood its tentacles.

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