Friday, April 24, 2009

Images of politicians are at higher risk!

SHALINI SINGH, GLITTERING INDIA, MUMBAI: There is an increase in shoe-throwing incidents across the country. Do you think this is the right way of showing anger towards the politicians?

DALE: Unlike an actor or a businessman; whose images and reputations can be rectified with crisis management, the scene with a politician is different. Once the image of a politician is marred, it’s very difficult to bring it back to original state. Maybe, a lot of aam junta has realised this delicate situation. That is why they want to hurt the politicians (for their misdoings) where it actually hurts, i.e. their 'brand' and 'image'. Considering the politicos are ruthless in the way they sway public opinion and often misuse public sentiments to their advantage, hurling shoes at them by the public, is just replying in a similar language; the one people feel, the politicos understand. From that point of view, its justified. But I should add that its unfortunate, that we don’t have many politicians in our country who we can look up to.

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