Saturday, July 4, 2015

Trial by Media on Hema Malini?

Dear Media, did you 'see' WHICH car was "speeding" or "overspeeding"?

Do any of the cars have a mechanism to check the last-driven speed?

Are you pointing fingers at Hema Malini's driver just because he was driving a celebrity?

Just because her car was a Merc, does it make it more responsible than an Alto?

If the Alto driver files an FIR first, does it make him innocent?

All this is not to underestimate the sad loss of an innocent life. An accident is always saddening.

But isn't the way our media handles such issues related to celebrities, questionable? Doesn't it try to behave like private detectives, Police, moral Police and even a Judge? Doesn't it do a 'trial by media' and pass TRP-centric verdicts even before Police can investigate or a Court can sit to judge?

Is this behaviour of our Media, fair on the delicate image and easily dentable brand of a celebrity? #HemaMaliniCarAccident

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